About Us


Our Mission

People have gathered at this location since 1763 to worship God, share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, to help educate people, to encourage growth as Christians, and to translate all that into practical methods to meet real needs in people's lives.  We stand on the shoulders of generations of giants who have led the way and set the example for over 250 years.  We are committed to hold the banner high as we march forward into the next generation for Christ.

Learning the story

There are several items including written history, movies, clips, etc. that can help you learn more about the unique story that continues here after centuries of service to God.

Meet the Team

We have great people who love the Lord and are willing to serve here at Providence.

Deacon Board Chair: Tommy Wright (336)266-8463        Trustee Chair:  Doug Wilson (336)214-4461        Finance Chair: Wilson Boyd (336)260-2255                             Circle Chair: Penny Lane (336)260-2934


Darryl R. Peebles

Pastor since 1979

Pastor–Artist–Entertainer–Firefighter-Community Leader-International Personality
P. O. Box 953, Graham, NC 27253-0953 – 336-516-3793 - www.darrylpeebles.com
Our pastor is down to earth, spirit-filled, with a deep caring for people.  His messages are plain and his children's lesson each week makes the sermon come alive.
BACKGROUND:                             Graduated from Valley High School with recognitions.
Before achieving his BFA with BVD from Auburn University, he was a founder/president of Auburn Farm House Fraternity, lettered in Track and Field, eventually earning a scholarship, made a live action/animated safety film for West Point Manufacturing Textile Company earning the first A Commended in the Auburn Art Thesis program.
After college Darryl was hired as an artist with Benson Printing in Nashville, Tennessee, and was promoted to Art Director.
Darryl returned to the educational circles, earning his Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest's Theological Seminary. During that period he served three congregations and established an area Recycle Paper Recycle People program that funded assistance for people with utility needs. Also, he served on a mission to Guatemala following a devastating earth quake.
In 1979, Darryl came to Alamance County                                    to serve Historic Providence Christian Church in Graham. During his 40-year career in Alamance County:
-Graham Jaycees/Library Board/Heart Association/Historical Society/Lions
-Helped start & develop the local CROP Walk
-Helped in producing the national award-winning CROP film
-Recognized by the governor
-Helped develop local Solar workshop program & wrote manual
-Wrote initial grant a helped develop Allied Church of Alamance County
-Helped start and develop the local mediation process
-Represented the county for 25 years earning Track & Field medals nationally
-Flag bearer for Graham high school for years
-Firefighter of the Year/almost 2 decades & 5,000+ responses/(burn closet)
-Author of various publications & books
-Guest on The Tonight Show, Tokyo Live, ABC Australia, & numerous shows
-He developed and implemented “Linking the World with Love through Service” with a 63-day, 4 continent, 12 country, 36 city, 156 presentation tour worldwide that connected our area with counterparts globally. He received the Lions International President’s Outstanding Achievement Award.
-Captured the history of this area with a year long celebration & movie at Historic Providence Christian Church’s 250th year anniversary.
-50 years of magic shows and entertaining in this area & internationally
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Boards, Committees, Groups

Doug Wilson - Trustees          

Tom Wright - Deacons  

Wilson Boyd - Finance        

Penny Lane - Women

The Deacon Board is responsible for the spiritual life of the congregation.

The Trustee Board is responsible for the property.

The Finance Board is responsible for the financial health of the congregation.

The Women's Ella Holt Circle is active with caring for members, reaching out in the community, special fund raising, and helping the other groups.

Note from Deacon Chair:

Hi I am Tom Wright Chairman of the Board of Deacons at Historic Providence Church. Our goal is to bring people to Christ through the use of our facilities and various guest speakers. We are a small congregation that has plenty of room for growth. Our buildings include a main sanctuary that seats approximately 150 people. A separate educational building with multiple classrooms. A fellowship hall that seats 100+ with a complete kitchen and a large deck with a gas BBQ grill. We have a large semi private cemetery that dates back till to 1700’s that has plots available for sale. Our doors are open to all people that wish to enrich their lives through Christ.



The Providence Trio

Jim McIver - Guitar           John Tate - Saxophone    Jane McIver - Keyboard

Special music groups and individual artists often share at Providence.  Jean Robor brings special music to Providence at various times during the year.

Next Steps...

We hope you will feel welcomed to share in the life of Providence.  Contact us at your convenience.